Friday, August 1, 2008

Emotional Roller Coaster: Brett Favre Love and Hate

Last night before falling deep into slumber, Rotoworld displayed this link on their homepage: Jets in 'Serious Talks' to get Favre.  Upon clicking the link I was overjoyed to read the following:
"The Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the only teams that have permission to speak with Favre about a potential trade.  Favre's agent, Bus Cook, has been in talks with the Jets, who have shown a growing interest, but has not been working closely with the Buccaneers, according to two sources."
Wow.  If there was anything that could've sent me into a more peaceful slumber last night... I haven't found it yet.  "Broadway Brett."  It was destiny... that is... until I woke up to get a glass of water at 8 am...  That's when my sweet dreams came crashing to the ground.

Rotoworld, now, featured a different headline for Brett Favre.  This one a bit less-appetizing: Favre shuns Jets, considering $20M offer.  "Shuns?"  Shuns?  
tr.v.  shunned, shun-ning, shuns
To avoid deliberately; keep away from.  See Synonyms: escape
So was all that bullshit about "the itch" to play again just because the Packers hurt Favre's ego?  I definitely think so.  Take a look at the first part of Favre's interview with Greta Van Susteren:

Basically, here's what I'm getting from this:
  • There was a breakdown of communication
  • The Packers moved on
  • Favre's upset that they moved on in such a quick fashion.
So Brett, get over it.  Really.  

Instead of spoon feeding ESPN and the starving media monsters all of this non-sense about an "itch" to come back and play football in the NFL again, let's call it what it is:  You want to play for the Packers or no one else.

However... you didn't do that.  No one did... and now my day is ruined because I have to get this news over a month later from Wendi Nix:

To wrap all this nonsense up, I'd just like to thank Brett Favre, ESPN, and any other media outlet for wasting my, and everyone else's, time.


Matt C said...


I had no idea you had a Jets blog, but you now have a new constant reader.

Your thoughts pretty much mirror mine exactly - hope and excitement brought crashing to the ground, all for some media nonsense.

I guess we'll have to deal with Chad for now

bfadds said...

Matt, I'm not to upset about having Chad... I feel like the team is really good right now, and starting Clemens would be absurd. He's unproven and I'd rather start him with a team that has little to no hope...

...the Jets right now are an 8-8 team. Chad may be able to up that to 9-6 (hopefully 10-5) on pure veteran caginess.