Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Excuse the CAPS LOCK, but I am beyond psyched!  Where did this come from?  Brett Favre, after weeks of voicing his lukewarm feeling toward New York, is now a New York Jet (pending physical).  As you've read over the past few weeks, I truly believe that Brett Favre will provide the Jets with the edge they need to not only make the playoffs, but to also make a run past the juggernauts of the AFC.

I really can't believe that I am going to have the chance to see a Favre-Brady duel twice in 2008-09.  As I mentioned in my initial "Broadway Brett" post, a proven/veteran quarterback is the only thing that separates the Jets from the rest of the AFC elites.

Seriously, think about it:  the Cowboys made the playoffs with a good defense, a great running game, a good receiving corps, and a really good quarterback.  So what exactly separates the 2008-2009 Jets from the 2007-2008 Dallas Cowboys?  That's what I thought....  Not really anything at all!

The Jets with Favre not only represent a light at the end of a dark, dingy tunnel in this franchise's history, but also and undoubted slot in the AFC's playoff picture in 2009. delivers Favre's record (in limited action) against the AFC East:

Favre v. Bills: 2-3
Favre v. Dolphins: 3-2
Favre v. Patriots: 2-2
Jay Glazer, of Fox Sports, broke the story EARLY Thursday morning, noting:

"As a result of this [trade], the Jets will likely release a quarterback.  Signs have been pointing to Chad Pennington as the likely candidate because the team will need to free up cap room to fit Favre's contract under the salary cap."

Well, Jay, because you broke the story, I'll take it easy on you... I'm going to just assume that you knew the Jets were going to cut Pennington the entire time.  Though, my co-writer, Mike Nastri, over at The Sports Distorters, told me that there is a chance that Favre may be shipped from the Jets to the Vikings for a significant turnaround on their draft picks, I can only hope that Favre stays with Gang Green in '08-'09.

To conclude, here's the Maddon '09 version of Brett Favre that ESPN posted on its webpage:

How glorious.  I know it's only a video game image that I actually could've done myself, but it's glorious nonetheless.  To my fellow Jet fans, get ready.  This season just went from an 8-8 crapshoot to a 11-6 playoff push.  Get excited and, to quote T.O. (which is never a good idea), "get your popcorn ready."

God, I am disgustingly giddy right now...


gnxfan said...

I thank you for believing in me back in the day:

bfadds said...

Hey, it's great that you had it first... but I'm sure as hell glad the Mike Tannenbaum had it last.

Luis M said...


I was VERY close to making Favre my preseason MVP, but I didn't want to join in on the nuthugging society. Favre's got enough of those.

You got a good blog here. I look forward to checking it out again, soon.

-Luis M
The Big Dead Sidebar

bfadds said...

Yeah... there is a lot of nuthugging going on. BUT... if nuthugging results in a Super Bowl for the Jets... so be it.

Luis, I say throw the MVP his way!