Friday, September 19, 2008

Jets - Pats General Overview

Here's the highlights from the game, courtesy of the NFL Network:

A few notes on the game:
  • Am I the only one that's seen that screen-pass to Wes Welker one-too-many times?  I know that Mangenius had to of noticed this by now!  Here's what I suggest:  Let's try and run the same play using Leon Washington.  He's just as fast as Welker, but he can actually make people miss tackles also (as demonstrated on the run that brought the Jets down to about the 5 yard line).
  • I can't get angry about Brett Favre's interception in Week 2.  He was trying to help the team win by hucking it down field.  Sometimes those INT's are virtual punts, anyway; and since Ben Graham, former Jets punter as of Monday, couldn't get the job done anyway... why not let Favre just heave it down there on 3rd Down.  The idiotic Patriots DB's are too stupid to realize what's going on anyway.  See the ball... catch the ball.  No concept of the game at all.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 2: Patriots @ Jets

6:02 PM -- (Not a Game Update) I didn't mention this, but right now I'm in Cambridge, MA visiting my beautiful, brilliant girlfriend Megan.  She's put up with me being a huge JetsFret nerd and blogging the first part of this game, but (because I'm going to be returning home to a rather boring Long Island in a day) I am going to take her out for the best meal she's had all week (or at least that's the way it looks on paper).  I'll be receiving updates on my phone and will deliver an expanded 'Fret' when our date's over.

Keep watching and rooting though... they sure as hell need it.

6:01 PM -- 13-3 Pat on a Sammy Morris TD run off the Favre INT.  I have a sick feeling in my stomach right now.

5:55 PM -- There it is... the Gun Slinger is in the building.  The Jets are coming out with ZERO intensity and look very poor on offense right now.  The D, however, is really stepping it up... ESPECIALLY the Run-D (believe it or not).

5:53 PM -- The human conversion, Stuckey, comes through again! 1st and 10

5:52 PM -- 3rd and 23 and Mangenius calls a run up the middle?  Is he stoned?  Sloppy play and play calls this series.

5:48 PM -- Huge statement by the Jets in the first drive for the Pats in the 2nd half.  They sack to Cassel (get in his head), force a NE timeout, and force and 3 and out.  Huge!

Pats 6, Jets 3

5:28 PM -- It's half time and the Jets run game has looked great, but it hasn't resulted in anything.  This was an extremely quick half (if I do say so myself) but that's probably because (as I predicted) the Pats are trying to keep Brett and Jets off the field.  I look for this to continue, but for each team to score in the end zone twice.  It's going to be uncomfortably close... but when isn't it, I guess.  See you at the second half.

5:21 PM -- Matt Cassel get JACK'D UP by Bryan Thomas and, in his shaken state, Cassel fudges a hand-off and the Jets force a three-and-out.

Now that's more like it... Matt Cassel is finally looking like a back-up Quarterback... let's hope the Jets keep the pressure coming on this kid... becuase they've already done a great job stuffing the run... so if Mangini keeps sending the dogs, this game could turn around in a hurry!

5:08 PM -- The Pats return the favor and stuff the Jets on 3 consecutive plays and Gang Green settles for a field goal... not really acceptable.  Pats 6, Jets 3

5:02 PM -- That Coles catch really is showing it's importance because the Jets offense just got a shot of adrenaline on each of the subsequent plays.  Highlights were a catch by human conversion, Chansi Stuckey, and an awesome twisty-turny rush by Leon Washington to bring the Jets down to the Pats' 5 yard line.  1st and Goal when the game returns.

5:00 PM -- I take it back Laveraneus.  Pivotal Catches: 1.  Awesome grab by the Jets (alleged) number 1 receiver (though, as I said last week, I think Cotchery passed him on the depth charts).

4:44 PM -- Pivotal Dropped Ball Count (for Laveraneus Coles): 2

Can someone give this clown some stick 'em?

The Jets are looking ordinary on their second drive of the game.  They're going to need to shake things up in their third drive; for now:  Matt Cassel.

4:37 PM -- The Jets stuff the Maroney hand-off!  So awesome, great attack defense and stuff my Kerry Rhodes (of course).

4:34 PM -- Again... Is this a sick joke?

Are we sure that Tom Brady didn't just throw on a '16' jersey today?  Cassel's looking awfully good on his first series (4/5 completions were for first downs...).  The Jets just used their 2nd time out already... which I'm upset about... but will be even more upset if they used it and don't stop the Pats on 3rd and Goal right now.  Stay tuned.

4:26 PM -- Is this a sick joke?

I'm already having flashbacks to last week when the Jets would look impressive all the way into the red zone and not convert... DESPITE ATTEMPTING A FIELD GOAL!!!  Jay Feely, who missed only 2 FGA all of last year for Miami, missed his first as a Jet.  I guess those memories of a crappy Giant place kicker have come back with him to the Meadowlands... so gross.

4:20 PM -- First drive is continuing into a Favre time out (Mangini seems pissed about this... maybe a play book thing again?).  Initial notes: Thomas Jones and the O-Line are looking incredible.  I don't know if the Pats were expecting Favre to come out and gun-sling, but they're looking like they're on their heals right now... and I like it!

First Quarter (above)

 First,  Laveraneus Coles is still listed as 'Questionable' for today's home opener for the Jets (and the first of the last at the Giants Stadium).  To be honest... who cares.  He was barely seen in the Jets win over the Dolphins last week and hardly an 'impact' player at that.  I would like to see, as I said last week, Brett Favre try and bring Dustin Keller into the the ball circulation a bit more (though Eric Mangini calls Keller a "work in progress;" not that I believe anything he says)... but I can't complain so long as the offense moves the ball much like they did last week against Miami.  

If we learned one thing last week, it's that the best way to beat the Jets is to keep the offense off the field.  This is something that the Dolphins executed perfectly and I'm sure the Pats will be looking to use that exact game plan this week against Gang Green.

Also, for those fantasy footballers who are interested, Randy Moss was removed from the Pats' injury report and is a go for today's matchup.  Look for Matt Cassel to seek out Moss frequently in his first-career start under center for New England.

Update: Laveraneus Coles IS active... We'll see if this continues to lack importance as the weeks roll on...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo: Jets Fans Would Be 'Okay' With No Super Bowl Appearance In '09

The headline pretty much sums it up. I mean... is this guy on crack? I know they serve drinks in the green room at all these Late Show venues, but Russo must've had a double of whatever the barkeep was serving, because I don't know if a sober man could've made a comment like that.

Essentially, Russo appeared as a guest on "The Late Show" to promote his new channel on XM-Sirius Satellite Radio. After David Letterman did his best to pry into the personal feud that occurred between the Russo and his former-partner, Mike Francesa, the two moved on to the hottest topic in New York: Brett and the Jets.

During this brief discussion, Letterman made pointed out, rather obviously (in my opinion), that the New York Jets view Brett Favre as their "magic bullet" and that the team was looking "Super Bowl or bust."

...well, it was obvious to everyone EXCEPT Chris Russo, who claimed that the Jets fan would be "okay" with just having a "good run" into the playoffs.  After I picked the bottom of my jaw off the floor from the utter shock of Russo's comment, my secondary response was fuming anger.

How is this the man who XM-Sirius just cut a fat check to "program" and entire channel?  Are you kidding me?  You're gonna program a channel... but you don't know that Jets' fans, perhaps the most tragic fans in sports today, want a Super Bowl more than anything on Earth!?!?!?

Letterman even tried to reason with Mad Dog, pointing out, again, the obvious:
  • The New York Giants won, arguably, the most gripping Super Bowl in recent memory last year.
  • Tom Brady is out for the year.
  • The AFC is way up for grabs.
  • Brett Favre may be gone after this year.
With all these things known... Russo remained stubborn saying that the Jets' fan-base would still be 'okay' with the aforementioned 'good run' into the playoffs...

Well, Chris and anyone else who shares his opinion... I am a Jets fan; and winning the Super Bowl is what I expect EVERY, SINGLE SEASON (albeit some more realistic than others).  This season more so than any other one I can think of that DOESN'T start with a ruptured achilles.  Personally, Russo's comments are a smack in the face to any sports fans who root day-in and day-out for their team's success... you know... the very avid sports fan that Russo will be 'programming' for starting this week on XM-Sirius... what a joke.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Jets Win; 20-14

4:03 PM -- Did I not predict that?  Revis!  You made me seem like a genius today and I love you for it.  It was such an ugly win... but it's a win.  There's a lot of questions about the defensive secondary and the play calling on offense at the end of this one.

4:01 PM -- Drew Coleman! How do you not PICK THAT?!?!?

3:55 PM -- Damien Woody took away the first down with a false-start... and the Jets run the ball on 3rd and 7?  Not really agreeing with that one.  1:43 to go, Dolphins down by 6, and Chad's at the helm... this is a sick nightmare.

3:51 PM -- 2-Minute Warning.  The Jets are in the same situation as I mentioned before: 3rd and 2.  Now... THIS TIME... if you're going to hit the RB, just hand it off and let Jones plow ahead behind Mangold.  If the Jets are going to pass... please, please, please... have the play be designed to have ALL THE RECEIVERS go beyond the first down marker... let's see what happens... (and yes, my fingers are crossed).

3:47 PM -- So, um, Chad's frustrations turned into a fierce drive by the Dolphins down field.  Chad was using his TEs (Fasano and Lee) with Ted Ginn Jr. as a change-up during the drive.  With 3:27 left, the Jets are only up by 6 and the pressure's back on Brett Favre and the offense, all of whom have (as I mentioned earlier) looked really good today.

Your move, Coach Mangini.

3:42 PM -- So, I think that Coach Mangini and I had similar demands at half-time: Pressure Chad Pennington.  Bryan Thomas just racked up his second sack of the game and Chad Pennington (the cool, calm, and collected former Jet) is visibly frustrated.  Haha, I love it!

3:38 PM -- Dwight Lowry has single-handedly broken up two TD attempts by Pennington with about 9 minutes left in the game and has looked unusually technically-sound for a rookie.  Really awesome stuff from the Jets' rookie CB, a 4th Round Pick from San Jose State.

3:22 PM -- Is it wrong for me to still be pissed in a 20-7 game?  Either way, I am.  Can we please throw the ball BEYOND the first-down marker when it's 3rd and 2.  Or... here's a novel idea, HAND IT OFF!  Don't throw those ridiculous Chad Pennington-esque passes across the flat.  This is Brett Favre...  how about we let him use his arm a little bit, Coach Mangini.

3:06 PM -- Chansi Stuckey looked great on this series with about 2:00 left in the 3rd.  Favre to Stuckey brings them to about the 10, and Thomas Jones finishes the job... which ties his total TDs for last season, haha.  Absurd.  Mike Nugent is coming out with his bruised thigh, and makes the PAT.  

The offense is looking so good right now, the defense needs to keep applying the pressure to Chad and feed off of this vibe.

3:01 PM -- "Favre to Cotchery."  Get used to it.  I love these guys.

The Jets are definitely coming out with a smash-mouth, blue-collar approach with the trio of Favre-Jones-Cotchery in the second half.  I'm really enjoying watching this team operate right now.

2:55 PM -- The Dolphins O-Line is ridiculous.  Can they hold a bit more?  I mean, chalk it up to inexperience for Jake Long and company, but this is definitely something that can pad the ego of the Jets' pass-rushers.  Turnover on downs, the 'Phins seem to be losing confidence on the offensive side of the ball as this game goes on... so it should be only a matter of time before the defense follows suit (starting with Joey Porter, of course).

2:48 PM -- A blatant fumble to start the half by the Jets... which adds insult to injury when the idiots upstairs tell Eric Mangini that it would be a good idea to challenge it...


2:24 PM -- The first half draws to a close with the Jets leading by six.  I'll be back for the second half, but here's a few first half notes to hold you over:
  • Jericho Cotchery appears to be ahead of Laveranues Coles in Brett Favre's eyes.
  • Thomas Jones' motor is on full blast.  I don't know if that's more a product of the Miami run-defense or that he's ready to have a renaissance season in '08-'09.
  • Dustin Keller is losing looks to Bubba Franks... which isn't too surprising to me.
  • Chansi Stuckey looks to be ahead of Brad Smith (so much for my prediction) on the depth charts.
  • The Jets defense hasn't impressed me.  They've done a great job on the pass rush, but Ronnie Brown is having his way with the front line.

2:21 PM -- Really lackluster effort by the Jets as the 2nd half draws down to the final seconds.  A few hand-offs and a fumble recovered by Favre?  Does this team want the game to be this interesting.  The Dolphins will get the ball with :22 left in the half.  Will they go for a Hail Mary with Chad?  Haha, here's hoping.

2:15 PM -- Kellen Clemens is taking reps with Mike Nugent as a possible place kicker... this is rich...  Here's hoping Brett really starts picking apart the defense because I don't want this to actually factor in...

2:09 PM -- Shaun Ellis and Vernon Gholston (as predicted earlier) welcome Chad to the other side of the ball.  I love it.

2:03 PM -- What the hell was that?!?!?  I love Brett Favre right now (shades of Eli Manning in Super Bowl XLII), but I can tell this is going to be a love-hate thing for the rest of the season.  Either way... Jets 13, Dolphins 7.

2:01 PM -- The Jets' offense was fluid until a Favre sack and short-yardage pass to Thomas Jones put them in a 4th and 13 situation.  Mike Nugent, my favorite Jet, now appears to be unavailable to attempt a field goal.  This should be fun for the rest of the game...

1:56 PM -- Favre has a few dinks-and-dunks mixed with a little vintage Thomas Jones to move down the field.  I wouldn't mind seeing another deep ball to keep Miami's secondary on their toes.  Either way, the Jets are moving in response to Chad's TD.

1:47 PM -- Pennington to Fassano.  I think Chad literally had about 3 minutes to throw that pass.  Jets 7, Dolphins 7.  Did I mention how much I hate Mike Nugent?

1:46 PM -- Miami has a bit of a drive going right now... which only accentuates the disgust I'm feeling toward Mike Nugent right now.  Ronnie Brown is making me reconsider everything I said about the Jets' run-defense earlier on.

The Jets' zone coverage was just picked apart by Chad.  He found David Martin close to the Jets' 5 right between three Jets' defenders...  My stomach is turning right now.  The defense really needs to make a stand.

1:37 PM -- I just want to emphasize how much I hate Mike Nugent.  It's like John Hall circa '96-'97 all over again...

1:36 PM -- Thomas Jones and Leon Washington are slipping the carries as of now... it seems as thought Washington is getting more of a bounce against this Miami defense line though.  A Favre-Franks 14-yard reception was a nice sign among a few Washington/Jones carries, though the Jets couldn't convert (after Coles dropped a TD in the end zone).

Mike Nugent.  Are you freakin' serious right now?!!?  Once again this "can't miss" DOES!!!  

1:26 PM -- Miami gets going with Ronnie Brown... but takes him out in favor of Ricky?  I don't really understand that; but I'm glad it happened.  Williams has done absolutely nothing in the short-yardage game, which is a GREAT sign for the Jets' run D this year.  

On an aside, Darrell Revis dropped his first interception of the year... very disappointing, but I guess he'll be ready for it next time (or that's what I'll keep telling myself...).

1:18 PM -- Play action that we haven't seen in a long time!  I don't want to hear anything else about how great a play-faker Chad is, because Brett looked magical on that deep ball to Cotchery.  I'm loving this guy right now!

1:17 PM -- Chad's apparently trying to prove something here.  He threw it twice after unsuccessfully attempting to use Ricky Williams up the middle again (thank you Kris Jenkins!).  Three-and-out AGAIN!

1:12 PM -- Favre passes, hands off, and takes it himself.  You gotta love that.  Jets convert on their first series of the year!  Hopefully a sing of things to come.  Thomas Jones has received two of the four snaps thus far and definitely has the Miami D thinking twice about rushing the pass today.

On their second series of the opening drive, the Jets showed shotgun twice.  Which is about two times more than they showed all of last year...

1:05 PM -- Three-and-out.  Most noticeable addition... Kris Jenkins.  He stuffed Ricky Williams twice during this series and was really impressive.

1:00 PM
 -- The Brett Favre jersey is on and I'm ready to rock and roll.  Laveranues Coles is active and joins Jericho Cotchery as Brett Favre's main targets.  I would look for Dustin Keller and Brad Smith to have a pretty big impact in this one though.  I think that Smith has surprising speed and could be an underground sleeper in this game.

On a side note... it's so weird to see Chad in a Dolphin's jersey... here's hoping Vernon Gholsten welcomes him to Miami in appropriate fashion.  Stay tuned.