Friday, September 19, 2008

Jets - Pats General Overview

Here's the highlights from the game, courtesy of the NFL Network:

A few notes on the game:
  • Am I the only one that's seen that screen-pass to Wes Welker one-too-many times?  I know that Mangenius had to of noticed this by now!  Here's what I suggest:  Let's try and run the same play using Leon Washington.  He's just as fast as Welker, but he can actually make people miss tackles also (as demonstrated on the run that brought the Jets down to about the 5 yard line).
  • I can't get angry about Brett Favre's interception in Week 2.  He was trying to help the team win by hucking it down field.  Sometimes those INT's are virtual punts, anyway; and since Ben Graham, former Jets punter as of Monday, couldn't get the job done anyway... why not let Favre just heave it down there on 3rd Down.  The idiotic Patriots DB's are too stupid to realize what's going on anyway.  See the ball... catch the ball.  No concept of the game at all.

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