Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo: Jets Fans Would Be 'Okay' With No Super Bowl Appearance In '09

The headline pretty much sums it up. I mean... is this guy on crack? I know they serve drinks in the green room at all these Late Show venues, but Russo must've had a double of whatever the barkeep was serving, because I don't know if a sober man could've made a comment like that.

Essentially, Russo appeared as a guest on "The Late Show" to promote his new channel on XM-Sirius Satellite Radio. After David Letterman did his best to pry into the personal feud that occurred between the Russo and his former-partner, Mike Francesa, the two moved on to the hottest topic in New York: Brett and the Jets.

During this brief discussion, Letterman made pointed out, rather obviously (in my opinion), that the New York Jets view Brett Favre as their "magic bullet" and that the team was looking "Super Bowl or bust."

...well, it was obvious to everyone EXCEPT Chris Russo, who claimed that the Jets fan would be "okay" with just having a "good run" into the playoffs.  After I picked the bottom of my jaw off the floor from the utter shock of Russo's comment, my secondary response was fuming anger.

How is this the man who XM-Sirius just cut a fat check to "program" and entire channel?  Are you kidding me?  You're gonna program a channel... but you don't know that Jets' fans, perhaps the most tragic fans in sports today, want a Super Bowl more than anything on Earth!?!?!?

Letterman even tried to reason with Mad Dog, pointing out, again, the obvious:
  • The New York Giants won, arguably, the most gripping Super Bowl in recent memory last year.
  • Tom Brady is out for the year.
  • The AFC is way up for grabs.
  • Brett Favre may be gone after this year.
With all these things known... Russo remained stubborn saying that the Jets' fan-base would still be 'okay' with the aforementioned 'good run' into the playoffs...

Well, Chris and anyone else who shares his opinion... I am a Jets fan; and winning the Super Bowl is what I expect EVERY, SINGLE SEASON (albeit some more realistic than others).  This season more so than any other one I can think of that DOESN'T start with a ruptured achilles.  Personally, Russo's comments are a smack in the face to any sports fans who root day-in and day-out for their team's success... you know... the very avid sports fan that Russo will be 'programming' for starting this week on XM-Sirius... what a joke.


Anonymous said...

totally agree bro...what is the point of watching sports if you think your team is going to lose...yeah okay maybe if they have a great run in the playoffs and don't win it all we'll look back on it as a success...but that certainly is NOT the goal now....

You have to be aiming for Tampa in February BABBBBBBY

bfadds said...


Thanks for the comments, buddy. Hope everything's going well with your soon-to-be superstar career.

Did you happen to see that at all yesterday? Because it really was something that made my jaw drop on the floor...

Also, judging by your position, you're still obviously believing in Andy and the boys for 2008, right?

Again, hope you're doing well and keep reading!