Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Broadway Brett:" Favre to the Jets?

The Jets don't want Brett Favre... right?  That's what the entire fan base was told over and over again for the past few weeks as the drama that is Favre and the Packers unfolded before the NFL's eyes.

There was no talk of training camps, Bill Belicheat and the Pats, or the Super Bowl Champion Giants.  The only NFL-related news anyone heard this past week was Brett Favre.  Will he stay?  Will he start?  Will he go?  If so, where?

Brett Favre even dominated ESPN's ESPY Awards.  To be honest, Favre was everywhere... and I was getting a little tired of it.

...that is... until I saw this:

This is why Mike Francesa makes the big bucks and I blog.  After watching this montage live on TV yesterday, I couldn't help but think that the Jets getting Favre was a realistic possibility.  

First, let me say that giving up a First Rounder for Brett Favre is completely ridiculous.  In fact, I would be more inclined to give the Packers a Third Rounder that could accelerate into a Second Rounder.

Second, I think a lot of Jets fans are drinking a little too much of the Kellen Clemens Kool-Aid because, honestly, I would rather Chad start for Gang Green in 2008-09 and here's why:

  • The Jets are built to contend right now.  They have a great RB corps, a much improved O-Line, talented possession receivers, and one of the best special teams units in the NFL.
  • The run defense will be improved with the addition of Kris Jenkins (not the mention the departure of "The Human Pancake" Dwayne Robertson) along with the return of tackling machine David Harris.
  • The secondary is very underrated and the addition of pass-rushing LB's Vernon Gholston and Calvin Pace will only help the secondary's pick-off opportunities.
For all these reasons, the Jets need a cagey vet signal caller in 2009.  It's obvious that Eric Mangini and the coaching staff are praying the Clemens can top Pennington in training camps this year... but my opinion is that Penningtion will do what he always does: grind it out and best the young gun.

If the Jets can get Favre, I'll change my tune.  I'll watch Chad Pennington ride off into the sun as "Dust in the Wind" plays in the background.  I mean is Clemens playing Favre's understudy for a few seasons that bad of a scenario?  If you ask me... it can only help!!!

In the end, I think it would be bad of the Jets not to at least make an attempt to bring Favre to New York.  His competitive nature would at least make the team's match-ups against the Patriots a little more interesting than having the Pats bend the Jets over a chair every time they face-off.


The Frog said...

7/15 had him.

bfadds said...

Hey Frog,

Thanks for the link. I guess Mike would do that huh? I have to say that if it takes the media being silenced to get Farve in green and white, I'll go for it.